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[06] The magic of TOR

What's that thing named 'TOR' that everyone talks about ?
Can I buy nuclear submarine there?

Click here to find out :)

[05] Disassembling Vaillant CalorMatic 240

Batteries on my thermostat died, so I took a deep dig inside it.

[04] Weaponizing DigiSpark with Mimikatz

How to use affordable microcontroller for a cheap and weaponized version of Rubber Ducky!

[03] Neo 6M GPS to RPi3

First part of the wardriving series, learn how to connect a GPS module to the Raspberry Pi using USB Serial / UART connection!

[02] Custom ROM, kernel and root on Zenwatch 3

Looking to increase the battery life on your zenwatch 3 ?  Maybe just customize it ?
This is a perfect read for you!